Leverage key insights from those closet to the business issues
to get Answer to Questions in
Sales, Marketing, Customer & Product
Sales environment is continuously changing and the challenges in addressing the issues is getting relevant and continuous market feedback and knowledge from the various players such as the distributor, retailer, consumer, sales representative, sales management and other stakeholders. For example why are you losing profit margins, the underlying marketing dynamics that are changing that are resulting in this price erosion.

Increase sales and improve sales effectiveness by getting Answer to your pressing sales challenges.
Sales Productivity:

What factors are motivating our sales team and how we can be better aligned with strategic objectives?

Account Management:

Why are certain accounts under performing vs. others?


How a particular product’s pricing strategy is impacting sales and is it resulting in competitive price wars?

Competitive Analysis:

What are some of the competitive strategies that impacting us the steps that we take differentiate your products from the competition?

Get quick understand from the market so that swift action can be taken to protect the brand equity by identifying the key drivers for your value proposition that the customer care about. The aspects of your promotional and brand strategy that have the highest impact so that you invest the marketing spend on the promotional campaigns to drive sales growth and greater brand awareness.

Quick Insights on your marketing strategy and promotional spend to avoid waste on programs that are not effectiveness.
Brand Management:

Why the brand awareness campaign that we conducted did not provide the expected results?

Schemes & Incentives:

Why the schemes & incentives that we running have increased sales with certain retailers and not others who are running the same schemes & incentives?


Why a particular promotion worked in one region and not in another?


What is the extent to which a particular product placement is impacting the consumer purchasing decision?

Insights from those closest to the customer, enables for quick pivots to be made based on evidence vs. gut feel. Identify areas that are driving value for the customer and your business so as to improve customer retention, decrease churned customers and turn them into win backs by taking the right actions to address their concerns.

Continuous looping open ended feedback to get market insights.
Customer Review:

How customer perceptions of the company are affecting their purchasing decisions?

Channel Management:

What factors are affecting certain channels in one region may not impact it the same way in another?

Customer Service:

What are the customer needs that not are being addressed today?

Market Analysis:

What strategies should engage by the market for the specific brand to resonate with target customers?

Monitor the feedback on adoption of your products or services to uncover the blind spots in your messaging, merchandising, and pricing strategy. To sell the product’s value proposition and not focus solely on price as the key driver to avoid pricing wars and cannibalizing the brand in the process. Deliver better product experiences to your customers across the channel to boost purchases and drive sales expansion for your product.

Leverage market feedback to track and manage the key product / brand health metrices.
Product Review:

What are some of the purchasing decision patterns of the customers and the key drivers that trigger these decisions?

New Product Introduction:

How does the new product launch resonate with the target customer?

Product Support:

What are some of the blind spots that need to be addressed with regards to product support that are impacting sales for the brand?


How does the customer perceive our service offering and the areas for improvement?